History of the Caledonia Country Sheriff's Department

The history of the Caledonia County Sheriff’s Office is being researched. Listed below are the known Sheriffs and the years they held the position. Some of the older dates could be a year or two off.

1808-1813       Israel Putnam Dana

1857                  Arenzo P. Wakefield

1858                  Werxes L. Stevens

1860                 Emerson Hall

1862                 William T. Trussell

1864                 Daniel Coffrin

1866                 David Trill

1868                 Nathan J. Pike

1870                 Chas. F. Weeks

1872                 Isaac M. Smith

1874                 William H. Preston

1921                 W.E. Worthen

1923-1948      Frederick A. Flint

1949-1954      Earl F. Daniels

1955-1970      Carroll E. Lafoe

1971-1976       Clement F. Potvin

1977-1982      Russell C. Lowery

1983-1998      Jeffrey N. Bitcon

1999-2011      Michael H. Bergeron

2012-now       Dean R Shatney


Hours of Operation

Open Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.

We are closed on weekends and state holidays.

We have Deputies on call 24 hours a day for emergency situations, dealing with security issues, secure transports, or traffic emergencies. Call the Vermont State Police at 802-748-3111 and they will call one of our oncall Deputies.

Contacting Us

Use this form to contact us with questions, concerns or requests for information.

Employment Opportunities

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